Carol Prothro, Author
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The children are our future, and we hold that future in the palms of our hands.

It is up to us to see that our children have access to the best education we can provide. Give them good reading material and you'll be rewarded many times over in the form of a happy, eager-to-learn child.


I'm Carol Prothro

Jax Appleby

I write children's, middle grade novels

as Jax Appleby, and all other genres as Carol Prothro.

 I just completed a middle-grade novel that is the first book of a mystery trilogy;

 Hawk Trublood and the Mystery of Trublood Bay


Hawk Trublood and the Brotherhood of the Mind's Eye


Hawk Trublood and the Time Warp



I'm currently collaborating with another author, Mike Lopez, on a young adult/teen/adult comedy-mystery about three rookie private detectives of the gentler sex who haven't a clue. Their sleuthing hijinks and shenanigans create more mysteries than they solve. They manage to stumble through their work and emerge smelling like roses. 

Pistols and Pearls should be completed sometime in 2014.



The Hawk trilogy is in memory of my wonderful sons, Brandon and Brian, who because of tragic accidents, are no longer with us here on earth.